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Farscape Weekend takes us to new heights!

May 3, 2013

team photo for blog 3rd May

We’re all for experiential learning so when, as a team, we had the opportunity to get away from urban life for two days in the higher reaches of North Wales to Snowdonia – we gathered our gear and jumped at the prospect.

Location? A fantastic wooden cabin set in Trawsfynydd – a spacious living area from which to launch our trek. It’s always handy if one of your colleagues owns one of these! ( Thanks Neil!)  The property was roughly 30 minutes from our target for the weekend… the 900M Cadair Idris. 900M – ‘Seriously?!’ I hear you cry!  Well, this weekend had to have its challenges!

We arrived on Friday, to be greeted with a hearty meal and a glass or two of the red stuff, the first of many opportunities throughout the weekend to discover what makes each of us tick.

With Saturday upon us, we set off, our journey taking us through the vast mountainous area, the fresh, windy air in our faces. The stillness of the calm valleys was striking. With no traffic, the silence of the mountains was only occasionally broken by the sounds of sheep.

Taking in a three hour trek to the summit, we passed beautiful lakes, rocky terrains and even a snow field towards the top – the views were stunning and even though we weren’t the most experienced group of climbers, the sense of achievement when reaching the peak was fantastic. We had got there together, helping each other through difficult spots – the sights from the very edge serving as the reward for our endeavour.

We went up as a team and came down an even stronger team, although individually our knees and ankles took a battering as we descended! A two hour walk back to the starting point gave us time for reflection on our achievement and was firmly put into context when looking back up from the bottom to see what we had climbed – yet another stunning view.

With the weather so perfect on a late April Saturday, a BBQ was the order of the day on the decking outside back at base. The peak of our walk was in full view, glistening in the sunset. In the evening, we had another chance to bond with great food and wine whilst the clear night skies gave us an opportunity to pause, look up at the stars and take it all in.

A great location, a journey of discovery and the chance to pause and reflect had given us a fantastic weekend, the effects of which are already clear back in the office – renewed enthusiasm, a better understanding of each other and the memory of a brilliant weekend away together.

Matt Elson

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