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How engaged are your people with your company values?

July 26, 2013

Engagement, values and decision makingHow many times have you dealt with companies whose ‘Company Values’ are all about great customer service, only to receive poor customer service? Or whose values are around creating a great place to work, only to find that everyone in the company seems miserable and can’t wait to leave?!

At Farscape we all agree that there is no point in having company values if everybody in the company doesn’t whole-heartedly believe in them and can’t deliver what they stand for.  We know that they need to be everybody’s values, not just what’s important to those at the top!

So, the whole of Farscape spent many hours brainstorming, debating and perfecting until we had a list of values – all of which meant something to everyone.

And the values that we have agreed on are now the starting point for every decision that we make and filter through to all of our daily tasks and are evident in everything that we deliver for our clients.

I personally feel as proud of and engaged with them as Ruth, our Managing Director, does.

This may be easier in a small company like ours. How do you think the big companies could do something similar?

Emma Webb

To follow… a description of each of our values. Starting with ‘Authentic’.


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