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The challenges of time & budget on L&D…

August 2, 2013

Time and budget L&DL&D Professionals will, more often than not, feel constrained by time and budgets…

However, if these challenges weren’t present,  if you had as much money as you wanted and you had all the time in the world to put programmes together, it would be a much easier world, right?

Well, to an extent yes, it would – but this doesn’t necessarily see the whole picture behind the ‘struggle’.

The challenge is not just about reaching the money and grabbing the time – it’s about being able to PROVE the value of your organisation’s well-earned time and money that you wish to spend. If the value of a cause is so important, so worthwhile, that you can prove that your team will actually lose out as a result of not investing, it’s your challenge, your time that you have to spend to get what you need.

We’re openly passionate in what we do and believe in here at Farscape. The essence of what we work towards – exploring potential through experiential learning – does need time, does need a bit of money – but the value of finding that potential and seeing people grow as a result of what we do, is worth the challenge.

Matt Elson

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