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Ruth is the owner and Managing Director of Farscape and has over 10 years experience in training. Ruth specialises in Emotions and Behaviours at Work and has created the people focused, values-based training that Farscape has become known for.

She is accredited to deliver the Advanced Emotions and Behaviours at Work psychometric and frequently works with teams and leaders to help them develop their self-awareness in order to build high performance.

Her interest in training was sparked by taking part in a Raleigh International expedition to Borneo. She then worked for World Challenge Expeditions, a leading youth development organisation. During this time she sent over 1000 young people on expeditions to the developing world and trained as a facilitator and expedition leader. She personally led 4 expeditions to Morocco, India, Kenya and Peru.

Ruth is passionate about helping people learn from experience and creating learning environments which are clearly transferable to the workplace.


Emma is the Operations and Marketing Administrator at Farscape Development.

She is passionate about creating unforgettable learning experiences that help people to see and explore their potential – personally as well as professionally. She has seen the impact that truly well thought-out experiential learning and development programmes can have – developing people’s leadership skills as well as making them much more confident in general.

Emma also loves to write. Her blog combines her love of creating interesting and topical pieces with her passion for helping people to learn and develop. Through this blog she shares her thoughts, knowledge and ideas about current Learning and Development topics with the hope of encouraging leadership, as well as personal, development.

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